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YAOHUA Electric Group's predecessor was Yueqing YAOHUA Electric Factory, which was founded in 1986. And the company developed into Zhejiang YAOHUA Electric Co., Ltd. in 1995 and a national non-regional YAOHUA Electric Group in 1998.

In order to take advantages of scale economies, we have performed acquisitions over more than a dozen state-owned enterprises since the 1990s. We invested 300 million RMB to establish YAOHUA Industrial Zone in Wenzhou, and another 300 million RMB to build YAOHUA Science and Technology Industrial Zone in Hefei. Later, a 100 million RMB of YAOHUA Science and Technology Park was established in Guangde.

After 25 years of development, YAOHUA Electric Group is now a leading machinery and electric equipment manufacturer in China, and also a Top 500 Chinese Private Enterprises.


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